Mothers on Wheels - Ms Sheetal Deshpande

Mothers on Wheels - Ms Sheetal Deshpande

Dr. Shanta Vaidya Memorial Foundation is proud to announce that our Trustee, Ms. Sheetal Vaidya- Deshpande has completed a gruelling road expedition, “Mothers on Wheels”

Four brave women travelled in a self driven car, through 22 countries covering a distance of 23600 kms. in a span of 60 days. The team consisted of Ms. Madhuri Sahastrabuddhe, Ms. Urmila Joshi, Ms. Madhavi Tomar and Ms. Sheetal Vaidya-Deshpande.

The journey was undertaken with an objective to understand the challenges that the family system face in different countries and the role of mothers in shaping the mental, emotional and psychological well-being of young individuals in the family.

The team was flagged of from Delhi by Ms. Sushama Swaraj, external affairs minister, Govt. Of India. The team drove through the Silk Route, crossing mountainous terrain to pass through Asia and Europe, finally terminating the expedition in London.

What they learnt from their interactions with 612 families and meetings with several groups of mothers from different countries is that mothers everywhere are overstressed, playing multiple roles and juggling family and careers. Most Mothers (women), in most countries, are under-recognised and are prisoners of the traditional male mindsets. Through discussions with families, they also learnt that the importance of marriage as an institution is declining in many countries and the number of single mothers is increasing.

The team would like to cover other countries in the South-east Asia region and Africa and Americas, in near future, to form a world- wide “Mothers Forum” to address the challenges faced by the Mothers.

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