Children painting bottles..

Art as Therapy

Bottle Painting 19-Jan-19

A workshop on Art as Therapy was conducted by the volunteers from RBL bank on Saturday January 19, 2019 for children with LD. The aim of the workshop was to enhance the development of fine motor co-ordination and eye-hand co-ordination of children.

12 children participated in the workshop. RBL volunteers, led by Ms. Surabhi Dixit, taught the children glass painting. The children painted glass bottles which were then lit by tiny lights.

The children spent two wonderful hours exploring the magic of colours on glass. Some expressed their love for nature, some drew geometry figures and some wrote their names and drew designs around it. Each child was so delighted and amazed to see how beautiful their own creations looked when the bottles were lit. Could not tell which was brighter - the faces of the children or their bottles!!!

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