Our Approach

Disability OR Difficulty?

Disability is defined as ‘a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses or activities ’. It implies a permanency in the condition of the person.

However, the Foundation believes that with early detection and appropriate and timely intervention, the learning difficulties of the child can be overcome to a large extent. Therefore, we believe that this is not a ‘Disability’ but a ‘Difficulty’.

The Foundation also believes that focusing on the abilities of the child, instead of learning difficulties and creating opportunities and an enabling learning environment for the child can make a huge difference in these children’s lives.

Early detection and timely interventions can help the child overcome learning difficulties to a large extent. These children need specific interventions to help them be at par academically with the rest of the children in school.

We believe that merely providing academic support to these children through remedial teaching is not enough. The focus has to be on what the children can do i.e. their abilities instead of disabilities. The ability enhancement activities for these children results in boosting their self confidence and self-esteem, which is low due to their inability to achieve academic excellence.

The Foundation has developed a multipronged strategy to address the issue of learning difficulties.