Our Programs

The foundation believes that working with children only is not sufficient. These children have many strengths along with the difficulties. They need positive support by their teachers & parents to overcome the difficulties and enhance their abilities.

Other stakeholders like pediatricians, psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists, occupational therapists also play a crucial role in the development of these children. So, networking with all these stakeholders is the focus of the foundation. 

  • Children– It is important to work on two levels with these children. One is to help them to overcome their difficulties and the other is to nurture their talents. We achieve this goal through an ability enhancement program.
  • Workshops for parents— Parents are the backbone of the children at home. They learn the details of SLD, basic pre-skill activities to help the child at home and ways to identify the strengths of their children. This helps in acceptance of the condition and creates a positive environment at home.
  • Workshops for teachers— The number of these children in India is more than 2 crores. If teachers understand SLD then they will be able to help the children. Workshop content includes awareness about SLD, teaching methodologies to help these children to overcome the difficulties.
  • Networking with the stakeholders like counsellors, psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists etc.–to enhance their role in shaping the personality of the child.
  • Volunteers – They can help us to conduct awareness workshops, to conduct survey to identify these children at young age, to develop educational aids & material, arrange personality development workshops for these children, fundraising.
  • Strengths of children with SLD – They have multiple strengths/ intelligence. We have to identify and nurture their talents. They can become scientists, leaders, actors, businessman, musician, chef etc. Worldwide famous examples are Edison, Einstein, Walt Disney, Churchil, Boman Irani etc.